OA Partners, Inc. is a leading real estate services, brokerage and development firm providing a comprehensive and broad range of integrated expertise to the commercial, industrial, residential real estate and land development community in selected national markets. OA Partners develops and implements management strategies in all aspects of the real estate project from the initial market analysis, due diligence and acquisition through delivery and completion of the investment initiative. Individual professional team members combine their respective talents to bring our clients a focus of experience to mitigate risk and optimize returns on investment. We pride ourselves on being the trusted advisor to several of the most demanding real estate funds, investors and institutional owners of real estate in the nation. OA Partners is a single source of solutions and services for its clients’ real estate needs.

 OA Partners, Incorporated
 223 Duke of Gloucester Street
 Annapolis, Maryland 21401

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Fred Hurson
President and co-founder of OA Partners, Inc., has over twenty five years' experience in the areas of development, strategic planning, financing and construction management.
Elliot D. M. Powell
Executive Vice President and co-founder of OA Partners, Inc., has over twenty-five years of development and marketing experience.


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